Production fractionation- polars

Production fractionation – polars

This is done using ultra-high resolution mass spectometry.


We supply:
Insights into movable versus non-movable oil within, and in fluids produced from, shales and/or expulsion efficiencies in different shale plays.

Samples (10g rock, 1ml fluid)

You provide:
Shale source and reservoir intervals, produced fluids.


  • Fourier Transform-Ion Cyclotron Resonance-Mass Spectrometry (FT-ICR-MS) to characterise low and very high molecular weight polars (resins and asphaltenes) in whole oils and whole rock extracts.
  • Electrospray ESI(-) mode ionises acidic NSO-compounds.
  • Atmospheric pressure photoionization APPI(+) mode is sensitive to aromatic components having either basic (e.g. pyridines, ketones) or acidic features.

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-> read Mahlstedt N., Horsfield B., Michael E., Song Y., Tobey M., Mangelsdorf K. (2023) Impact of expulsion and production fractionation on petroleum composition: novel insights from polar compound geochemistry. 31st IMOG, Montpellier, France (abstract).
Link to the abstract. Request a copy of the article.