PhaseFinder Packages

GEOS4's exclusive PhaseFinder packages accurately predict charge timing, fluid volume and composition rapidly and inexpensively, based on calibrations from major petroleum provinces worldwide using the PhaseKinetics approach.

Soon to be released:

  • Argentina

Please get in touch for details about samples and deliverables of these upcoming PhaseFinder packages. 

PhaseFinder packages are multiclient data reports,  leased to the customer. 

Each GEOS4 regional PhaseFinder package is based on

  • a suite of representative key immature source rocks,
  • kinetic parameters for timing predictions using slow heating rates,
  • Petroleum Type Organofacies for predicting bulk petroleum types,
  • 2- and 4-component gas/oil ratio prediction in time and space,
  • 14-component physical property/PVT prediction in time and space,
  • kinetic data provided as tables as well as digital files for direct import into PetroModĀ® (SLB) and TemisĀ® (BeicipFranlab).

Available upon request:

PhaseKineticsPlus, which includes stable carbon isotopes of individual C1-C4 components at 5 levels of transformation (10, 30, 50, 70, 90%).