ShaleGasFinder Packages

Although worldwide gas prices are low and shale gas efforts in the USA are declining, shale gas exploration in Europe and other regions of the world has only just begun. Therefore we provide for specific target areas concise and up-to-date overviews of shale gas potential. 

Our packages include literature syntheses, maps of source rock facies and properties, and in most cases maturity from basin modelling studies. Publically available source rock characteristics such as TOC, Rock Eval or vitrinite reflectance data as well as reported thickness ranges are reported. Bulk kinetics and PhaseKinetics of petroleum generation are listed for representative samples of the most important formations. Where available advanced geochemical and modelling results are included.

Our ShaleGasFinder packages also include information with respect to liquid potential. Where liquids are the major target, our ShalePayFinder packages are the products of choice. 

ShaleGasFinder packages are multiclient data reports,  leased to the customer.


ShaleGasFinder packages available now: