February 6, 2015

AAPG: Where the action was in 2014

2014 was a year with a healthy dose of modest petroleum discoveries, according to the January issue of the AAPG Explorer. It wasn’t a standout year, exploration appeared to represent “more of a return to normal, to more typical years” Julie Wilson, senior exploration analyst for Wood Mackenzie in Houston was quoted.

Where was the action? Most discoveries are reported from the North Sea/Norwegian Continental Shelf region and offshore West Africa (Cameroon to Angola); also Australia, southern China, offshore Brazil, GOM and Pakistan were successful regions. 

More than 10 discoveries are listed for the North Sea/Norwegian Continental Shelf region, and 4 discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico, showing that last year´s exploration continued strongly in these mature areas. Good to know that for these, and other, regions GEOS4 has regional compositional kinetics data packages on offer for precise petroleum phase and properties prediction ahead of drilling, reducing the exploration risk significantly. 

Read the full stories The Year of Discovery Saw Few Surprises and Where the Action Was: Discovery Highlights, AAPG Explorer January 2015.