July 21, 2015

Baltic-Paleozoic: New Regional Kinetics Package

This data package with key Lower Paleozoic Baltic Basin samples is based on 28 Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian samples of variable maturity from Lithuania. Rock-Eval and pyrolysis gas chromatography data are provided for the whole sample set. Late Gas Potential was determined on eight of these samples. Full PhaseKinetics analysis on two selected samples provides insights into bulk petroleum property prediction. Data are also applicable to unconventional petroleum exploration.

With our data you can quickly assign appropriate source rock properties to your petroleum system models when evaluating prospects in that area. Get predictions of relative volumes of gaseous and liquid phases right, infer migration pathways and predict daughter compositions: GEOS4´s package delivers high-quality compositional kinetic models from a carefully selected suite of relevant source rocks.

Find details on source rocks and deliverables here