September 26, 2014

GEOS4 presents at meetings in London and Dubai

Brian Horsfield, CEO of GEOS4, will be presenting at two occasions this autumn. 

He will lay out the science behind, and applications of GEOS4´s successful PhaseKinetics approch at the meeting "International exploration for Unconventionals" in London, Tuesday, October 7, 2014, at the Geological Society/Royal Society of Chemistry. The title of his talk is "Thinking molecular - it translates into pay".

Brian will also speak at the First EAGE Basin & Petroleum Systems Modeling Workshop, October19 - 22, 2014, Dubai, U.A.E. The topic here: "Petroleum Properties from Basin Modelling: Success Stories from Conventional and Unconventional Settings". At the EAGE workshop, he will also lead a one-day short course on "Fluid Compositional Prediction in Resource Assessment".

Look out for these events.