July 31, 2016

New Midland Basin Hydrocarbon Phase Study open for sponsorship

The new Midland Basin Hydrocarbon Phase Study is now open for sponsorship. This joint venture of GeoMark and GEOS4 focuses on predicting the GOR and PVT properties of dispersed petroleum in the Wolfcamp, Spraberry and Cline Formations.

Detailed information

Please download here detailed information about the rationale, deliverables and pricing of the study. 

This geochemical study is designed specifically to improve predictions of hydrocarbon yield and phase properties.  This study incorporates multi-component kinetic measurements combined with compositional analyses to provide tools for predicting bulk properties and yield estimates before drilling and/or leasing.  This study draws on GeoMark’s past studies in the region and utilizes GeoMark’s proprietary Rock & Fluid Database (RFDbase) to select source rock samples for the analytical scheme. GeoMark is working with GEOS4, using their proprietary analytical and interpretive programs to accomplish this study.


  • Maps showing sourced rock character, quality, and thermal maturity of all studied formations
  • Empirically derived facies models for all source rock units documenting vertical and horizontal variations in character of organic facies
  • Extent of hydrocarbon migration by formation and location
  • Graphs, and maps documenting cumulative oil and gas generation, retention, and migration
  • Map predicted fluid properties (e.g. GOR, density/gravity, etc.) for each formation, defining the “hard” limits to the “sweet spot” fairways
  • Yield estimates by formation and basin location
  • Map zones of increasing/decreasing economic potential based on yield estimates
  • PhaseKinetic Database in the Midland Basin that can be used in other analogous plays
  • All analytical data from the Midland Basin
  • Interpretive commentary
  • Data formats and mapping system for easy import of shapefiles to PETRATM or GeoGraphixTM


Pricing and duration

  • $75,000 per company
  • Project starts when four companies commit
  • Approximately eight months to complete
  • Discounts available for data/sample trade



Contact Brian Horsfield at GEOS4 (Email or phone: ++49-331-288-1780) or Greg Getz at GeoMark (Email or phone ++1-832-575-2435)