September 11, 2015

New report: Multi-component kinetics and late gas potential, Cooper Basin

Geoscience Australia released in September a report on multi-component kinetics and late gas potential of selected Cooper Basin source rocks. 

The study, executed by GEOS4, evaluated twenty-seven whole rock samples and eleven extracted samples or kerogen concentrates from five potential Permian sources within the Cooper Basin, Australia for petroleum generation characterisation (eleven samples) and PhaseKinetic characterisation (six samples) following the approach of di Primio and Horsfield (2006). 

Organofacies Type definition was performed for twentyseven samples and characterisation of free hydrocarbons for 15 samples. The evolution of late gas potentials as a function of organofacies and maturity was determined for fifteen samples following the approach of Mahlstedt (2012), as well as kinetic parameters of primary and secondary gas formation (one sample) using a modified GORFit - model (Mahlstedt et al., 2013). Thermal maturity of Patchawarra Fm. samples is broad (0.5-5.5% VR) offering an insight into differences of gas potential.


The full report is available for download here. Geoscience Australia provides this report under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. It is required that the use of the data or information must be referenced using the following citation:

Mahlstedt, N., di Primo, R., Horsfield, B. & Boreham, C.J., 2015. Multi-component kinetics and late gas potential of selective Cooper Basin source rocks. Record  2015/019. Geoscience Australia. DOI: 10.11636/Record.2015.019