November 26, 2021

New allocation technique based on the heterocompounds detected by FT-ICR MS

Brian Horsfield, CEO of GEOS4, and Nick Mahlstedt, GEOS4´s Senior Technical Officer, are coauthors of the research paper "Chemostatistic allocation of shale oil production using acidic heterocompounds".

Hydraulic fracturing is routinely used to release and produce petroleum from multistacked shale layers. We have introduced a new allocation technique, based on the heterocompounds (nitrogen-, sulfur-, and oxygen-containing) detected by high resolution mass spectrometry, and using the Niobrara and Vaca Muerta for the development. The chemostatistic allocation method is capable of deconvoluting the contributions of individual shale layers using bitumen extracts and is not influenced by fractionation. Check out:

Han, Y., B. Horsfield, N. Mahlstedt & M. Noah (2021) Chemostatistic allocation of shale oil production using acidic heterocompounds. AAPG Bulletin; 105, 11, 2207–2219.