January 5, 2015

Posidonia Shale Germany: database and regional synthesis updated

GEOS4´s database and regional synthesis of the Posidonia Shale in Germany has been updated to include the latest research, published and proprietary, on Germany´s world class source rock.

First published in 2011, the updated data set includes latest results from basin modeling (20 new maps of maturity, dephts, thickness, and erosion; including onshore The Netherlands) and new data on petrology and sorption behaviour. Also, extensive data has been added on the Posidonia Shale from onshore The Netherlands and Luxembourg. 

This updated, science-based data set aids to explore for the unconventional potential of the Posidonia shale and to highlight areas where the Posidonia shale is prospective for shale oil or shale gas.    

Find out more about this comprehensive data set of source richness, quality and thermal maturity, including basin modelling, mass balancing and phase behaviour prediction on the Posidonia Shale in Germany and adjacent areas.