December 9, 2013

ShalePayFinder MENA-Silurian package released

The new ShalePayFinder package for Silurian source rocks from the MENA region has now been released for purchase. 

This new package provides the relevant modelling input parameters for reconnaissance-level assessment of regional shale gas prospectivity. If you are targetting the Silurian shales in MENA for its unconventional (or conventional!) potential, this is the product that helps you to reduce exploration risk and costs. See details on samples and deliverables.


Six key samples from the Silurian of MENA, representing regional source rocks as well as potential candidates for hydrocarbon production from shales, have been analysed following GEOS4´s successful PhaseKinetic approach. Deliverables include kinetic parameters for timing predictions, Petroleum Type Organofacies for predicting bulk petroleum types, GOR prediction, and physical property/PVT prediction. Details on samples and deliverables here.

Rapidly changing phase envelopes in the Late Oil window are given special attention. Additionally three samples have been analysed for Late Liquids and Late Gas potential.

To complete the overall petroleum systems picture, a synthesis of published data on the paleogeography of Silurian shales in the MENA region and variable rock properties of these shales in the countries covered by the report is also provided.

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