February 12, 2016

Talk and Abstract: Predicting the quality of petroleum generated by Lower Paleozoic source rocks, MENA

Brian Horsfield, Managing Director and CEO of GEOS4, presented a Keynote Talk "Predicting the Quality of Petroleums Generated by Lower Paleozoic Source Rocks, Middle East" at the AAPG workshop "Source Rocks of the Middle East", held in Abu Dhabi, 25-26 January 2016. 

His talk contrasts the lateral variability in PhaseKinetics behaviour (GOR, Psat) of Silurian source rocks in Jordan and Libya, with reference to the occurrence of photic zone euxinia during source rock deposition, and its manifestation in GOR values. A contrast is drawn with the Devonian, and illustrated using a 2-D petroleum system model for the Ghadames Basin.

Please download the slides and the abstract of the presentation. 

Petroleum System Model available

The presented 2-D PetroMod petroleum system model for the Ghadames Basin (two profiles) is available for leasing from GEOS4. Please get in contact.

GEOS4 offers data on PhaseKinetics and Late Gas Potential on Silurian source rocks from North Africa and the Middle East, find out more here