New Midland Basin Hydrocarbon Phase Study open for sponsorship

July 31, 2016

The new Midland Basin Hydrocarbon Phase Study is now open for sponsorship. This joint venture of GeoMark and GEOS4 focuses on predicting the GOR and PVT properties of dispersed petroleum in the Wolfcamp, Spraberry and Cline Formations.  More

Ph.D for GEOS4's Mareike Noah

July 31, 2016

GEOS4's Mareike Noah successfully completed her Ph.D defence at the Technical University of Berlin, 28 June. Her thesis is entitled ”Biogeochemical Process Studies on Oil Sand Tailings used for Land Reclamation in Alberta, Canada”, and utilises FT-ICR MS as a tool for examining polar compounds in highly altered oils. More

Algeria and Libya Petroleum System Modelling Studies

March 7, 2016

GEOS4 offers two new 2D Petroleum System Modelling studies, covering transects of the Berkine/Ghadames Basin in eastern Algeria and the Jabal Nafusah Area, NW Libya. The models are based on the main source rocks in these areas: the `hot shales` of the Silurian Tanezzuft Formation and the Frasnian shales. Geological evolution, source rock maturity and the... More

Brian Horsfield is Keynote Speaker at Pyro2016

March 1, 2016

Brian Horsfield, CEO of GEOS4, will present an invited keynote at the 21st International Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis which will be held 9-12 May 2016 in Nancy, France.
The title of his presentation is: "Geochemical transformation and transport processes as revealed by kinetic determinations and molecular indicators".  More

Talk and Abstract: Predicting the quality of petroleum generated by Lower Paleozoic source rocks, MENA

February 12, 2016

Brian Horsfield, Managing Director and CEO of GEOS4, presented a Keynote Talk "Predicting the Quality of Petroleums Generated by Lower Paleozoic Source Rocks, Middle East" at the AAPG workshop "Source Rocks of the Middle East", held in Abu Dhabi, 25-26 January 2016.

His talk contrasts the lateral variability in PhaseKinetics behaviour (GOR, Psat) of... More