Conventional petroleum systems continue to play a major role in hydrocarbon exploration. Companies remain successful worldwide in making new, large discoveries. To tap these resources, staff on modern offshore platforms fathoms ever deeper reservoirs and works in most challenging areas.   

Conventional Systems

A source rock’s starting and evolving chemical composition, the yields and compositions of products generated and released, and the pressure and temperature conditions of the source-carrier-reservoir system during expulsion, migration and accumulation all have to be modelled when appraising and high-grading acreage or evaluating prospects. Our off-the-shelf products can help you quickly assign appropriate source rock properties to your models.


PhaseFinder Packages

We have collated PhaseKinetics data for specially selected potential source rocks into regional off-the-shelf products called PhaseFinder Packages. These are particularly useful in licensing rounds when predicting the relative volumes of gaseous and liquid phases, inferring migration pathways and predicting daughter compositions. Details


Kinetics Database

Our kinetics database contains activation energy distributions and single frequency factors for samples from all over the world. Use parameters you can rely on, linked to organofacies, for modelling source rock behaviour in conventional petroleum systems and the generation behaviour of tight lithologies in unconventional resource plays.

The data are collated from internal research reports and public literature which we know to be of the highest quality and made them available in the form of a global database (MS Excel format).

Browse the database for country, age, or formation of your source rock in need.