Unconventional Systems

Unconventional petroleum resource estimates outpace conventional reserves by far. While only few countries already produce unconventionals, many governments are gearing up for testing hydrocarbon resource potentials.

Here we offer unconventional resource packages for appraisal of selected geographic areas. We provide integrated evaluations of gas- or oil-in-place and frackability using geological, geochemical, petrophysical and rock mechanical data.

ShaleGasFinder Packages

These packages provide the relevant regional information for reconnaissance-level assessment of regional shale gas prospectivity. Based on collations of published and proprietary data a rapid and detailed overview of key source rock characteristics and constraints is provided. Details


ShalePayFinder Packages

Here the focus is on liquid and gas-condensate potential. Akin to our ShaleGasFinder Packages, published and proprietary data are collated and summarised to provide an insight into liquid potential and quality. Details