Conventional Systems

Conventional petroleum systems continue to play a major role in hydrocarbon exploration. Companies remain successful worldwide in making new, large discoveries. To tap these resources, staff on modern offshore platforms fathoms ever deeper reservoirs and works in most challenging areas.   

GEOS4 specialises in predicting the chemical composition and physical properties of petroleum. We bridge the research-service divide in that we offer state-of-the-art solutions to problems encountered in exploration and production.

By integrating petroleum engineering concepts, organic geochemistry, chemical kinetics, pyrolysis methodologies and Petroleum System Modelling into a unified concept we provide a complete prognosis of petroleum system properties, variability and dynamics in time and space.


Rock and Fluid Geochemistry

We offer full and rapid geochemical screening in order to select key areas and key samples for regional or prospect scale evaluations. Details


We predict bulk petroleum composition (e.g. paraffinic or mixed base, high or low wax, high or low sulphur) and physical state (number of phases, Psat, API gravity) using forward models based on kerogen and/or inverse models based on seeps/stains/asphaltenes. These purpose-built compositional kinetic models are ready for direct import into Petromod®(SLB) basin modelling software. Details

Petroleum System Modelling

We offer maturity and fluid-flow modelling expertise to predict if, and how, a reservoir has been charged with petroleum. Source facies, timing of generation, migration routes, quantities, and fluid type in the subsurface or under surface conditions are all addressed using Petromod®(SLB) software. Details