Rock and Fluid Geochemistry

Rock and Fluid Geochemistry

Pyrolysis of rock samples yields total organic carbon (TOC), thermal maturity (Tmax), free oil content (S1), and source potential carbon (S2). Combined, these data are instrumental in assessing reservoir potential and identifying hydrocarbon bearing zones. 

Our methods address source rock type, richness, quality, maturity and petroleum type, as well as oil correlation and mixing. Applications include regional source maturity assessment, source rock facies determinations and reservoir heterogeneity/continuity.

Our analytical services include:

  • Headspace and occluded gas
  • δ13C on individual components in natural gas and MSSV pyrolysis products
  • TOC and Rock Eval
  • Thermovaporisation gas chromatography
  • Analytical pyrolysis gas chromatography
  • Quantitative MSSV pyrolysis
  • Bulk kinetics from Source Rock Analyzer
  • Compositional kinetics (see PhaseKinetics)
  • Solvent extraction and MPLC
  • Asphaltene precipitation
  • Gas chromatography: saturates, aromatics, whole oil
  • GCMS: saturates, aromatics
  • δ13C on MPLC fractions and asphaltenes
  • Fluid inclusion microscopy, microthermometry,
  • Vitrinite reflectance on whole rock or kerogen concentrate
  • Coal petrography/maceral descriptions

We cooperate with APT for some of the offered analyses.