Unconventional Systems

We offer specialized services in support of unconventional resource exploitation, all the way from reconnaissance, through detailed profiling to production development.

Unconventional petroleum resource estimates outpace conventional reserves by far. While only few countries already produce unconventionals, many governments are gearing up for testing hydrocarbon resource potentials.

Regional Reconnaissance

By Regional Reconnaissance we mean the early stage of play recognition and definition. Rapid data gathering and synthesis for assessing gas-in-place and frackability are of prime importance. GEOS4 offers reliable and timely gathering of basic geological information, as well as specialized services for adding value to this early assessment.

Shale Resource Characterisation

Geochemical data trends from literature and open file reports, oil and gas fairways, history, fluid compositions, combined with sample acquisition and new analyses for documenting organic richness, quality, maturity, and mineralogy. Phase fairway recognition using PhaseKinetics.

Maturity and Mass Balance Modelling

Regional basin modelling to map maturity and transformation. Descriptions of oil- and gas window maturity based on vitrinite reflectance ranges. Mass balance modelling of generalised maturity slabs using thickness and available bulk geochemical parameters. Details

Reservoir Profiling

By Reservoir Profiling we mean the detailed geochemical, petrophysical and rock mechanical characterisation of the shale at reservoir scale using newly acquired cores. Prime goal – to understand the ramifications of heterogeneity on production performance.


Samples representing microfacies characterised in terms of porosity, permeability, pore systems, sedimentology, and related to log responses. Classical adsorption isotherms. Details


Hydrocarbon saturation and quality. Mixing phenomena. Rapid adsorption isotherm screening. Phase behaviour variability. Details

Rock Mechanics

Standard testing and specialised experiments for key rock mechanics, rock physics and fracture mechanics parameters. Details


The concepts developed during Regional Reconnaissance and Reservoir Profiling are updated by iterative analysis as the play develops, allowing lateral variability to be modelled.

3D Play Characterisation

Newly acquired 3-D seismic data form the basis for constructing detailed petroleum system resource models. Secondary migration paths within the resource highlight sweet-spots. PVT variability modelled. Details