Shale Resource Characterisation

Regional Reconnaissance

Shale Resource Characterisation

From screening to representative sample selection. Our methods address source rock type, richness, quality, maturity and petroleum type potential.

Based on available public or proprietary geological or geochemical data, enhanced by selected new analyses if samples are available, we address source rock type, variability and maturity focusing on identifying sweet spots for acreage acquisition. 

For tight shale oil plays, the lateral occurrence of the liquid-to-gas cut-off must be known precisely, and production from the liquid-prone zone must be optimised. This means that the form of the P-T phase envelope for that shale must be known as a function of maturity. In particular the transition from volatile oil, to condensate to wet gas is crucial. Our model predicts the appropriate form at a given location, and is therefore instrumental in the selection of acreage at the appraisal stage of new plays.

Depending on the availability of sample material (outcrops, cuttings, cores) first screening analyses can be provided to determine mineralogy, and petrophysical and fracking properties.