Reservoir Profiling


We use a variety of state-of-the-art geochemical techniques.

Once samples from first exploration wells are available we can address the amounts and compositions of hydrocarbons-in-place. At high resolution geochemical heterogeneity can be investigated, using analytical techniques listed below, aiding in the definition of suitable facies for e.g. horizontal well placement. 

Our PhaseKinetic models, calibrated to available fluid compositional data from first exploration drilling predict the phase state of fluids in the reservoir, knowledge which can be used to optimise production strategy later on during testing and development.


Our analytical services include:

  • Headspace and occluded gas
  • δ13C on individual components in natural gas and MSSV pyrolysis products
  • TOC and Rock Eval
  • Thermovaporisation gas chromatography
  • Analytical pyrolysis gas chromatography
  • Quantitative MSSV pyrolysis
  • Bulk kinetics from Source Rock Analyzer
  • Compositional kinetics (see PhaseKinetics)
  • Solvent extraction and MPLC
  • Asphaltene precipitation
  • Gas chromatography: saturates, aromatics, whole oil
  • GCMS: saturates, aromatics
  • δ13C on MPLC fractions and asphaltenes
  • Fluid inclusion microscopy, microthermometry,
  • Vitrinite reflectance on whole rock or kerogen concentrate
  • Coal petrography/maceral descriptions