Native H2ORG generation

Native H2ORG generation

Basin models can now predict the generation of native H2 from overmature organic matter (H2ORG) in time and space thanks to our new kinetic model.


We supply:
2-D and 3-D models of organic native H2 generation and migration.


Update and upgrade your existing Schlumberger petroleum system models.
Start from scratch to model the generation of hydrocarbon gas, oil, oil-to-gas cracking and native H2ORG.


Revisit your old stomping grounds!

  • H2 is prolifically generated from overmature organic matter in shales and coals.
  • Its yield per unit rock volume closely resembles that of economic shale gas.
  • Generation appears to OM-type independent.

No Black Boxes -> read Mahlstedt N., Horsfield B., Weniger P., Misch D., Shi X., Noah M. and Boreham C.J. (2022) Molecular hydrogen from organic sources in geological systems. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 105, 104704.
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