November 26, 2014

Brian Horsfield on fluid retention behaviour, AOGC 2014

In shale resource plays productivity largely depends on the degree to which vertical and lateral heterogeneities can be delineated and fracks positioned effectively within those packages.

Brian Horsfield, CEO of GEOS4, presents new insights into HC-in-place and heterogeneity with reference to selected examples from Europe, the USA, China and Australia on the 18th Australian Organic Geochemistry Conference (AOGC). In his keynote speach he will lay out how these findings have changed our perceptions of fluid retention behaviour in unconventional resource plays. 

The 18th Australian Organic Geochemistry Conference is held in Adelaide on November 30th to December 2nd. The presentation is entitled "Shale Resource Plays: new insights into fluid retention behaviour", authors are B. Horsfield, N. Mahlstedt, R. di Primio, and Y. Han.