September 28, 2023

New research by GEOS4 matches predicted physical properties to produced shale oils in the Songliao Basin

Six organic-rich shale samples from the Cretaceous Qingshankou Formation, Songliao Basin spanning the maturity range 0.58–1.16% Ro were studied for petroleum generation characteristics using the PhaseKinetics, PhaseSnapshot, and GORFit approaches.

Maturation results in relatively heavy fluids with Psat values in the range 40–70 bar when the free hydrocarbons, i.e., already present prior to pyrolysis, are included, and in lighter fluids with Psat values in the range 70–90 bar, when the free, mostly waxy hydrocarbons, are excluded.

Systematics of physical properties and fluid compositions evolution reproduce the general behavior of naturally occurring petroleum sourced from lacustrine OM very well and fit physical properties and compositions of locally produced shale oils in the Songliao Basin at comparable maturity levels. Check out:

Liu, B., Mahlstedt, N., Horsfield, B., Tian, S., Huo, Q., Wen, Z. & Pan, Z. (2023) Phase behavior and GOR evolution using a natural maturity series of lacustrine oil-prone shale: Implications from compositional modelling. Organic Geochemistry, 185, 104675.

Link to the full text article (available only short time):