October 12, 2017

Retention and Transport: Projects open for sponsorship in 2018

GEOS4 is very proud to offer three highly topical projects for co-sponsorship in 2018:

Polars on the Move (P’move)

Quick Bound Biomarkers (QBB) 

Polars in Fluid Inclusions (PIFI)

  • GEOS4 partnership with GFZ on Retention and Transport.
  • 2-years duration in each case.
  • Each project to be co-sponsored at 35k€ per year. 
  • Discounted at 99k€ per year when co-sponsoring all three projects.
  • Minimum participant quotas will apply.

Kick-off March 1, 2018

Please let us know if one or more of these projects could be of major interest and you are giving serious consideration for 2018 funding.

Email:   Tel: +49 331 288 1780.