Gas sorption screening

Gas sorption screening

This is done using thermovaporisation-gas chromatography (Tvap).


We supply:
The amount and composition of sorbed gas within source rocks quickly and inexpensively, thereby providing a practical tool for the rapid identification of ‘‘sweet spots” or heterogeneities within vertical profiles.

Samples (1g rock)

You provide:
High resolution sampling profiles through shales.


  • S2-normalised Tvap gas yields correlate with Langmuir amounts (nL)
  • Tvap is an effective screening tool for defining the basic sorption characteristics of source rocks or gas shales.
  • Adsorptive property profiling is possible for large data sets, enabling optimized sampling for standard Langmuir parameter determinations using classical methods.

No Black Boxes -> read Mahlstedt, N., Horsfield, B., 2019. Thermovaporisation: a screening tool for the gas-sorptive properties of source rocks. Organic Geochemistry, 131.
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