Oil-to-gas cracking

Oil-to-gas cracking

This is done using the GORfit approach.


We supply:
Primary gas and primary oil kinetics
Secondary gas kinetics

Samples (10g)

You provide:
Source rocks, reservoir cores, stains and seeps
If no samples are available, for example in a frontier exploration area, analogue data can be leased.


  • Closed system MSSV pyrolysis, 39 aliquots
  • Calculates gas and oil fractions‘ evolution
  • Can be extended to include PhaseKinetics PVT model

No Black Boxes -> read Mahlstedt, N., di Primio, R., Horsfield, B. and Boreham, C.J. (2015) Multi-component kinetics and late gas potential of selected Cooper Basin source rocks. Record 2015/19. Geoscience Australia, Canberra.
Link to the report.