Petroleum property prediction

Petroleum property prediction

This is done using the PhaseKinetics approach.


We supply:
2-compound GOR compositional kinetic model
4-compound GOR compositional kinetic model
14-compound, PVT compositional kinetic model
Geofiles for direct incorporation into PetroMod

Samples (5g)

You provide:
Low maturity source rocks, reservoir cores, stains and seeps
If no samples are available, for example in a frontier exploration area, analogue data can be leased.


Combination of open and closed system pyrolysis

  • Definition of Petroleum Type Organofacies
  • Definition of Thermal Response
  • Integration of Compositions into Thermal Response
  • Tuning of Compositional Evolution to PVT Format

No Black Boxes -> read di Primio R. and Horsfield B. 2006 From petroleum-type organofacies to hydrocarbon phase prediction AAPG Bulletin, 90, 1031-1058.
Link to abstract, Request a copy of the article.