Production fractionation - PVT

Production fractionation - PVT

This is done using the PhaseSnapShot approach.


We supply:
14-compound PVT model for comparison of phase envelopes with those in engineering reports, including assessment of production fractionation.

Samples (5g)

You provide:
Engineering reports, and shales with maturity just less than at the production site.
Geochemical screening is used to select the key samples.


Closed system MSSV pyrolysis

  • Instantaneous composition reproduces GOR.
  • Differences between predicted phase envelopes and those from engineering reports are used to assess production fractionation in terms of C7+MW and GOR.
  • Differences can be large or small (usually 20-40%).

No Black Boxes -> read Horsfield B., Mahlstadt N., Michael E., MacMahon N., Tobey M. (2019) Production Fractionation and Efficiency Indicators from Phase Snapshots. UrTEC 375, Denver, 22-24 July.
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